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All our structural services include engineering.

We provide residential structural engineering services* either as a precursor to construction (by us) or as a standalone service if you will manage construction yourself. Our designs are grounded in practice and will save you money without sacrificing durability or aesthetics.

We can usually get an engineer out to your site, and have a complete, permit-ready package within a week.

*Our services include site inspection, load-bearing analysis, engineering, and documentation.

Why you should use us for engineering in Roseville MN?

Residential structural work and wall removal are all we do. Our engineering solutions come from extensive field experience. We are guided not only by what will be safe and durable, which always comes first but also by what will be practical and inexpensive for the customer.

We are easy to work with. And, we’re punctual.

In Roseville MN there are local codes and information that need to be taken into account. We ensure that all our plans meet or exceed local building codes.

Enlarging a living space nearly always requires removing one or more walls, including those that are bearing loads. This can sometimes be a significant undertaking that requires engineering, project planning, and experienced execution.

If the wall is load bearing, you will need a documented engineered design that correctly anticipates and transfers load across new paths, a permit from the city, temporary supports, new structural members cut and fit perfectly, and the ability to adapt safely when (not if) you discover what had not been anticipated.

Once we start your job we will not leave until it’s finished. Most jobs take 2 to 3 days.

Is that a load bearing wall?

This is probably the most common question we get. While we can’t tell for sure without a site visit, we usually have a pretty good idea and can give you the benefit of our experience over the phone (no charge). Email us some pictures (wide angles are better, and we will need an outside shot of your home as well), and let us know when your home was built, where the wall is in the home, and what two rooms/spaces are on either side of it.

Improving the appearance of your home in Roseville MN has many benefits. Roseville is a city in Ramsey CountyMinnesota, United States. It is one of two Twin Cities suburbs that are adjacent to both Saint Paul and Minneapolis (the other is Lauderdale). The land comprising Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, and southern Roseville was unincorporated until Roseville incorporated in 1948 and Falcon Heights and Lauderdale incorporated in 1949.” *source – Wikipedia

Bowing roofs or walls? Sagging floors? Walls or ceilings with large cracks getting worse over time? Posts in your basement decaying? These could be signs of structural damage that may need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Delaying structural repairs to your home just adds to the expense of the eventual repair. Meanwhile, structural damage eats into your equity and makes it tougher to sell or refinance your home.

Once we start your job we will not leave until it’s finished. Job durations vary by the number of trades and types of repair.

We serve all of Roseville including areas around Midland Hills Golf Course, Central Park, and Harriet Alexander Nature Center areas.

Types of structural home repair in Roseville MN

Major structural members and systems that we repair include:

  • Beams and joists  – replacing cracked, bowed, or rotted members.
  • Roof  – straightening sagging roofs, fixing rafter tails, and bracing trusses.
  • Walls  – removing load bearing walls and replacing anchor bolts.
  • Floor framing  – supporting and re-leveling warped and sagging floors.
  • New construction  – correcting the excessive “give” of floors in new homes.

Making sure your Roseville MN home is structurally sound, looks great, and updated is a great way to add to your community. Roseville MN has the busiest library in all of Minnesota. It is always a great idea to support your local community, tourist attractions, and events.

Maximizing Living Spaces: Removing Load-Bearing Walls in Roseville, MN

Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, Roseville stands as a bustling city known for its community spirit and diverse residential neighborhoods. Home to families seeking both comfort and functionality, Roseville offers an ideal backdrop for homeowners considering significant renovations. Among these, the removal of load-bearing walls presents a unique opportunity to redefine living spaces, tailored to the distinctive preferences of Roseville residents.

1. Unleashing Spaciousness and Connectivity

By eliminating load-bearing walls in Roseville homes, the potential to create expansive, interconnected spaces becomes a reality. This structural modification allows for seamless integration between key living areas such as the kitchen, dining, and family rooms, fostering a sense of unity and openness. Families can revel in a more cohesive living environment, ideal for gatherings and everyday interactions.

2. Embracing Natural Light and Air Circulation

A prominent advantage of wall removal lies in the amplification of natural light and improved air circulation. Enlarged openings or strategically positioned windows infuse homes in Roseville with more sunlight, lending a cheerful ambiance to interiors. Better airflow contributes to a more refreshing atmosphere, enhancing comfort throughout different seasons.

3. Elevating Property Appeal and Value

Properties boasting open floor plans tend to captivate the attention of potential buyers in Roseville’s competitive real estate landscape. Removing load-bearing walls can significantly augment a home’s market value by offering a contemporary, adaptable living space. This renovation creates a desirable feature that may set a property apart in the housing market.

4. Personalization for Lifestyle Needs

In Roseville, the removal of load-bearing walls empowers homeowners to personalize their living spaces to align with their unique lifestyles. Whether it involves expanding entertainment zones, integrating a home office, or redesigning the kitchen layout for enhanced functionality, this renovation provides the canvas for tailoring the home to specific needs.

5. Ensuring Structural Integrity and Safety

While the idea of removing load-bearing walls might raise concerns about structural stability, engaging certified professionals and structural engineers in Roseville is crucial. Their expertise ensures the implementation of necessary reinforcements and alternative load-bearing structures, safeguarding the home’s stability and safety throughout the renovation process.


For homeowners in Roseville, Minnesota, the removal of load-bearing walls signifies an opportunity to reimagine living spaces, creating an environment that resonates with their lifestyles and preferences. From encouraging openness and natural illumination to augmenting property value and customization options, this renovation offers a myriad of benefits.

Should you contemplate home improvements in Roseville, consider the transformative potential of removing load-bearing walls. This renovation can breathe new life into your living space, aligning it with your envisioned ideal home. Remember, consulting with professionals is pivotal to ensure a seamless and secure renovation journey.

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