Structural Engineering Services

What we do

We devise safe and practical engineering solutions customized for your specific remodeling or repair project. Our structural engineering services package includes:

  1. Site visit by a licensed engineer
  2. Load and structure analysis
  3. Engineering design (if modifications are contemplated)
  4. Documentation (you will likely need this for a permit)

What makes us different

Our approach to engineering comes down to two questions:

  1. Will the design be absolutely safe?
  2. Is there a simpler solution suitable for this situation?

Engineering firms serving hundreds of clients across a wide range of conditions rightfully focus on the first question. They cannot, however, be expected to spend too much time on the second.

For them, customizing each design for the most efficient implementation would require (a) construction experience, and (b) an investment of time that would raise the price of design.

This approach saves on the cost of engineering. Sadly, the built project often ends up being more disruptive and expensive than if it were optimally engineered, to begin with.

Our engineering solutions are more than just physics and building codes. Beyond the obvious attention to safety and durability, we devise solutions based on the simplicity of implementation, using materials that are solid and readily available — a project delayed by hard-to-fabricate components is no fun. We think about how we will move our team and heavy materials through your home. Our solutions take into account how to minimize dust and debris. We think through how the engineering will affect your whole project after we have completed our part.

We are easy to work with. We are punctual. We do what we say.

Who we serve

We serve homeowners looking to remove load-bearing walls or undertake major structural modifications and repairs.

letter saying not a load bearing wall

An excerpt from our engineer’s letter clarifies that the walls in question are not load-bearing and may be removed without compromising the structural integrity of the home.

What you can expect

After our initial phone call (it takes only a couple of minutes to schedule; do it today) in which we gather the facts, an engineer and a project manager can often visit the site the same week.

Engineering services for targeted structural modifications, such as the removal of a single load bearing wall or the re-design of standard trusses, cost less than $1,000.

Roughly 20% of projects require quite a bit more engineering attention than the rest. Those projects might cost more.

Why you should use us for engineering.

Residential structural work and wall removal are all we do.

Our engineering solutions are driven by what will be most practical for you, the owner of the property. We are guided not only by what will be safe and durable, which always comes first but also by what will be convenient and inexpensive for the customer.

We deliver custom-engineered solutions faster than our competitors, most of whom prefer a generic, overengineered approach.

We are easy to work with, we are punctual, and we keep our word.

How over-engineering hurts you.

overengineering salted code

Color-by-numbers designs are inherently overengineered because they are not geared to take advantage of the specifics of your case. They are inexpensive for engineering firms to replicate at scale but often entail unnecessary expenses for you.

Examples of overengineering are everywhere around us. When a mortgage application requires information that is wholly irrelevant to your situation, or when doctors order batteries of tests or procedures because it is “just the standard protocol”, those are forms of over-engineering.

Overengineering does not arise out of a lack of common sense. It is just that any system designed for volume will do its best to avoid unexpected liability for itself — if that creates unnecessary friction or imposes needless costs on you, well, that’s not their problem.

Yes, we do sometimes use generic solutions ourselves. But only when they also happen to be the most practical and efficient ones.

Our approach might add a couple of hundred dollars more to the cost of engineering, but it pays for itself in the cost of construction.

Case study: Reinforcing a Roof for solar

Recently, a firm installing solar panels ran into an unexpected problem. The roof structure needed reinforcement to handle the additional load and the clients were in a bind. How to find a reliable contractor at short notice?

We delivered a complete engineering solution within 5 days of the client reaching out to us. The clients were delighted with our ability to find a practical solution to their problem and get it built the next week.

engineering drawings
roof unable to bear the weight of solar panels
roof unable to bear the weight of solar panels


roof reinforced to bear weight of solar panels
roof reinforced to bear weight of solar panels


  1. The rafters in this hip roof were too far apart to safely carry the additional load of the solar panels. We attached “sisters” to each of the main rafters.
  2. The rafters were not tied toward the ridge; they would tend to splay outward under load. We attached collar ties to prevent splaying.

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We proudly serve the Twin Cities Metro area. The Twin Cities has several local government bodies, each with its own set of rules and permits. We ensure that all those requirements are met. We pride ourselves on being #1 in customer service. We serve customers in Minneapolis and St Paul and the inner ring of suburbs including Edina, Plymouth, Golden Valley, Roseville, and Eagan. Our service area extends to Shakopee and Lakeville to the south, Stillwater in the east, Elk River and Forest Lake to the north, and Chanhassen and other townships west of Wayzata and Excelsior.