We work on foundations.

And everything above them.

Structural Repair

Are you worried about a sagging roof? Do your exterior walls show signs of decay? Does your floor droop at one spot? Are your walls or ceilings showing cracks; are they getting worse over time? Each of these may be signs of structural damage. The longer you wait to deal with the underlying causes, the more extensive and expensive the final repair.

What we do

  1. We fix roof trusses and rafters.
  2. We pour concrete foundations.
  3. We install new posts and replace decayed structural members.
  4. We repair floor trusses in new homes.
  5. We straighten out sagging floors and bowing walls.
  6. We level houses.

More than half our projects take two to three days to complete and cost little relative to the value of your home or building.

We turn this…

major structural repair with concrete footings

…into this.

major structural repair with concrete footings

What you can expect

Engineering (a necessary precursor to any structural work)

After our initial phone call in which we gather the facts (it will save you time, so schedule that call today), an engineer and a project manager can usually visit the site the same week.

The complete engineering package takes 5 to 7 work days from start to finish, and is uploaded to a private folder set up for you.

Engineering for simple repairs, such as the replacement of rotted posts or the re-design of standard trusses, costs less than $1,000.

Structural repair (demolition and construction)

When the engineering is complete we can give you a firm quote for your project. Your project is scheduled after you approve the paperwork. In select cases, we may elect to perform some advance demolition, to better prepare for an uneventful completion.

Once we begin work on your site, we will not leave for another site until the work is completed. We are fastidious about being neat and will clean up the (unavoidable) mess before we leave.

Structural repair projects are all over the board. Depending on the scope of the project and how many trades are involved, projects range between $5,000 and $35,000. Half our projects take 3 or fewer days and most projects are completed within 5 days.

Truss webs cross-tied for rigidity

truss web crossed

Why you should act now, not later.

Once some portion of a structure begins to give, the underlying causes tend to feed on themselves. Things then get worse, usually quietly and invisibly. Years may go by.

When the trouble first becomes known, modest corrective action is often sufficient. But, many homeowners elect to postpone repairs until some more opportune time. By the time the problem re-surfaces as a “must fix”, the scale of the restoration and repair work may have grown several-fold.

If you catch yourself kicking the can down the road on a structural repair or corrective action, remind yourself that by waiting you are effectively helping the underlying issue eat away at the equity in your home. There is no upside to waiting.

Timely structural repairs are quicker, cost less, and can be completed with little or no mess or disruption.

Don’t dawdle.

Types of Structural Repair

Major structural members and systems that we repair include:

  • Beams and joists  – replacing cracked, bowed, or rotted members.
  • Roof  – straightening sagging roofs, fixing rafter tails, and bracing trusses.
  • Walls  – removing load bearing walls and replacing anchor bolts.
  • Floor framing  – supporting and re-leveling sagging and warped floors.
  • New construction  – correcting the excessive “give” of floors in new homes.

Simple concrete pad under a staircase

simple concrete pad under concrete stairs

Floor trusses stiffened to eliminate “give”

reinforcing soft floor trusses

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